Tailored Airline Cargo Service Solutions

Efficient Solutions with General Sales & Services Agents

Strategic Partnerships: General Sales Agent (GSA) Collaborations

Our Services

We assist the entire working and operation of the airline as a GSSA (General Sales and Service Agent).  As a GSSA, we serve as the aviation industry's backbone.

We help you focus on your principal business activity, i.e. flight operations, while we take charge on your behalf for all commercial, ground ops and other local matters, providing you with a transparent and competent team with state-of-the-art equipment and updated processes.

Our primary duties extend into several marketing areas in various dimensions. We strive to be experts in everything that benefits our clients; however, Revenue Management, Marketing, Sales and Operations are some of the major offerings. Strategy is the core of our work, and we continue to evolve by looking at the dynamic market environment. With time, we continue to change ourselves to meet our principal clients' needs and goals.

General Sales & Services Agents (GSSA)

Our Aim is to provide valuable services to Airlines which allows them to achieve:

  • Cost Effective
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Brand Visibility

The GSSA becomes the face of the airline in a specific territory or region and provides the freight forwarding community with a full range of cargo services.

General Sales Agent (GSA)

An airline GSA is a third party that provides marketing and sales services to an airline under the airline's brand, usually in countries where the airline does not have no or minimal service.

  • Infrastructure
  • Market Knowledge
  • Human Resources/ Manpower
  • Brand Visibility / Awareness
  • Network Expansion

Total Cargo Management (TCM)

Total Cargo Management (TCM) means complete and comprehensive management of an airline's cargo division. GSA is responsible to manage following areas:

  • Manage Carrier (Passenger / Cargo)
  • Sales
  • Ground Handling
  • Cargo Revenue Accounting
  • Operational Audits
  • Claims/ Insurance Management
  • Communication & Coordination (Passenger Division)

Block Space/Seat Agreement (BSA)

A Block Space/Seat Agreement (BSA) purchases an agreed-upon capacity or space on an airline or carrier's flight. The carrier might be a separate plane or a part of another plane (ex: the belly of an aircraft).

  • Pre-Booking of Seats
  • Capacity & Yield Optimization
  • Cargo Block Space
  • Revenue Maximization

Cargo Sales Agent (CSA)

We aim to provide the best possible all-service airline representation in the air cargo market while fully maintaining the airline's own identity and propositions.

  • Quality Service
  • 24 x 7 Support
  • Tailor made / customized Cargo Solution
  • Sales & Operation Management